Change is as easy as A, B, C

As it ever has been with this human being: finding an order, a pattern a convention or conceptual trope we tend on the whole – and with very little convincing required to overcome what minimal (and liminal) barriers to our gullibility that might exist – to mistake the order we find as being meaningful, objective, foundational and necessary. We suspend our disbelief in the intelligent doubt that the reality (and bundled knowledge or Self) with which we are presented is anything other than contingent, transient, and – ultimately – fictional.

It is simpler and more efficient to take the path of least effort, to acquiesce to that empty order we find and in this to misunderstand that the purpose and practicality of order was always of a different kind of diminished scale. Each ratchet (up) of cognition and language or technology was the invention of an abstraction, a refinement and referential mnemonic. The error we make is to assume that the ladder is the purpose here, so we become fixated on a preexisting structure.

Of course this language, this taxonomy and index must also evolve. It is a living and a moving thing, defined by becoming and the indefinite entropies of future pattern much more than by memory and aspirational closure.

Context: From A to Z — the surprising history of alphabetical order

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