The Paradoxical Haunting of Selfhood

You are not what you think you are.

What is (perhaps) even more curious than this, the translucent Cheshire Smile of a concept of Self that becomes an artefact around which we find ourselves (!) in endless free-fall and ontological orbit, is that the very difference and distance by and through which we define that self traps us in an intractable enigma. We are oriented (in this) towards that thing or fiction, fantasy and abstract Object or Self that we can never obtain or possess or fully control as to do so would be to extinguish the semantic validity of difference and distance by which even the possibility of that Self arises, in language, in thought or cognition and as culture.

Subsequently, and as a matter of much more than (only) psychoanalytic symmetry, we find ourselves haunting the hyper-inflating referential spaces that we must (inadvertently) construct to allow us a plausible suspension of disbelief in our own unwillingness to obtain that Self, to pin it down, to actually understand and become it. The rest is history – personal or shared – and these hyper-inflating referential or symbolic spaces of human being find themselves (our Selves) mystifyingly aligned to the paradoxes of incompleteness and logical self-containment that underlie mathematics and physics.

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