AI: The Rolling Disaster of Technological Accessorising

No shit, Sherlock…

I would never suggest that any of us should let the truth get in the way of a good story (or sales pitch and project management agile scrum), but observe how often we end up with the developmental and technological cart placed (well) before the horse. Developments in AI tend towards various unknown (perhaps – unknowable) destinations which, upon arriving at whatever contingent and generally over-hyped transient waypoint, are declared revolutionary.

Organisations then find themselves having to contort to adopt the technologies and to make themselves look relevant and efficient, even while knowing that the difference and dissonance between value proposition and actual information-processing sparkly widget is generally non-trivial and commonly catastrophic in terms of wasted resources and time.

The technologies are driving organisations in ways that should really and for the most part be an inverse principle of the organisations driving technologies. “What is needed”, not “what is being foisted upon us”.

Technological accessorising: where the semantics of acquisition override the utility of a technology that in many if not most instances will hardly over- (or even under-) perform and which is superseded in <6 months.

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