Alien Anthropology

Into the Unknown: beyond Politics

There are things (far, infinitely far) beyond language, control, cognition and shallow games of political self-interest.

All politics is an antithesis to human potential and – beyond a limited facility to produce useful organisational patterns towards sustainable organisational continuity – where it is applied to matters of spirituality or any other metaphysical entity or system of belief, it is merely a demonstration of our ability to (and fascination with) our aptitude to shuffle those limited tokens and grammars of cognitive currency, of human, tribal affiliation and reflex.

As soon as we introduce political orientation or affiliation to discussions of the numinal, we entirely and irrevocably miss the point.

Freedom towards divinity, spirituality (pick a word, any word) is freedom from those reflexive grammars of sociopsychological living that bind and blind us to the clockwork, axiomatic dragging chains of ideology and organisational dissociation.

People, however can simply not help themselves and assume that nailing their political belief systems to the mast of an infinitely-extended vessel of possibility, or attempting to understand or possess an infinite through any finite filter, is anything more than vanity in the face of the Divine.

It doesn’t actually matter if the manifestation of infinity or omnipresence and Divine sentience is real, what matters is that we do not assume that our finite minds can ever capture or accurately and effectively represent it.

We can certainly – to some extent – capture and control our own language, frameworks of interpretation and so on but this is really just playing in the cognitive sand pit or paddling pool at the base of an infinite sequence and ladder of Divinity.

Faith is always a leap into the unknown, politics is a shallow attempt to control or restructure the known.

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