Alien Anthropology

Conflict is Stupid, and this is why…

Cover of “Black Hammer Age of Doom”, by Dean Ormston

The world must be considered as a single, unified or gestalt and autonomously self-propagating information and energy-processing (i.e. complex, computational) system if it is ever to be successfully negotiated or shaped. Conflict, competition, socioeconomic or geostrategic dissonance and entropy adopt unexpected forms when viewed from Global Systems perspectives.

Complex adaptive systems (such as is this human experiment) are naturally biased towards optimally concise methods and self-representational encodings through which to seek sustainable continuity. From a holistic perspective, all conflict and dissonant difference is really only the optimal (algorithmically concise) strategy by which an autonomous complex pattern of information-processing maintains that threshold or background noise and entropy by and through which diversity, innovation and evolution are (counter-intuitively) facilitated.

Conflict itself is incidental to information self-propagation and is only really the simplest method of introducing self-inflected entropy as dissonance into the Global System. It is neither necessary nor inevitable and if nothing else, our endless fall into internecine horrors represents a grand failure of both intellect and intuition.

Tiger head sculpture, Russia, 6th Century B.C.

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