Problems of Constitutional Democracy

Watching the information bonfire of the current US election processes is troubling, to say the least. Beyond external interference in the fidelity of democracy and the internal dissonance of a nation being in many ways torn apart by incessant adversarial posturing and partisan self-interest, there is in this situation an instance of some broader unresolved […]


Policy trumps biodiversity, again.

On discovering that the Government of my country is putting policy (and thus ideology) before environment and refusing to sign a leader’s pledge on biodiversity: Australia joins US, China and Russia in refusing to sign leaders’ pledge on biodiversity  The sophistication required here is at a level of complexity that almost entirely invalidates existing (institutional) […]


The Disunited States of America

Context: Republican plan could embed destructive US foreign policy What a curious world this is where the aesthetic ambiguities of political self-interest are quite prepared to embrace such dissociative pathologies (and personalities) as would have shamed their forebears into abject silence. In some ways we might assert that this is symptomatic of a historical moment […]

Alien Anthropology

Premonition of Civil War

The underlying momentum of evolving material logics, symmetries and information systems seem already oriented towards incurring dissonance, difference and entropy as an autonomous method through which their own accelerated logical metamorphosis self-propagates.