Context: The Pressing Need for Everyone to Quiet Their Egos   

A large part of the contemporary adversarial confusion of public and private communications spaces stems from a hyper-inflation of ego and its motley associated subjectivities. Interiority and subjective depth are generally assumed to be innate regarding self-identity and cultural or psychological experience but are very much historically contingent entities.     

Michel Foucault had interesting ideas on the historical development of subjectivity and its (creatively) reflexive relationship with technologies of knowledge, power and control. In our current context: cognitive extension through technology occurs synchronously with an internalised subjective reflex and sedimentation of (self-)identity. This incurs a self and subjective experience that endlessly (and often unsuccessfully) attempts to reorient and redefine itself even while the contexts and acquired vocabularies of self-definition that it depends upon for validation and meaning are constantly disassembling and reassembling themselves. Psychological closure or completion of an isolated ego represents a functional, technological and sociological impossibility.

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