Alien Anthropology Philosophy

Playing the Long-Game of Human Civilisation

The catastrophic entropy of a currently most-probable future is not the only available solution in the possibility-space of all emergent and adaptive human planetary civilisations.

It is a matter of logic that there will always be new insights and forms of thought and organisation. It is a matter of ignorant self-interest that the short-term benefits of dissonant ideological entropy and organisational turbulence prove themselves to be of (superficially) greater value than the complex systems and optimal solutions of a shared, collaborative long-term human future.

Energy efficiency and mature, adaptive holistic systems thinking are (unfortunately) anathema to popular tribalist concepts of self-identity and the (current) median cognitive grammar and aptitude of Global civilisation. Having emerged from a deep history of biological, cultural and ideological competition, adversarialism, conflict-oriented organisational and individual self-interest – we find ourselves very much inhabiting a world optimised for the production of entropy and dissonance over (substantive) information, novelty, insight or creative resonance.

There is a sense in which organisational systems and frameworks structure themselves around the interpretation, projection and management of the forms of disorder that their own logical structure cultivates and through which they aspire to reflexive psychological or cultural self-validation. In gestalt, this leads to a world biased towards the forms of entropy (as ignorance and disorder) that it has itself generated, on a spectrum from individual psychological disturbance through to global conflict. Organisational ineptitude begets organisational ineptitude, masked as conventional wisdom.

Playing the long-game of planetary civilisation (and beyond) exists outside the conceptual vocabulary and cognitive grammar of the organisational methods and ideological frameworks that generally (and probabilistically) succeed in percolating to ascendant roles and positions of control. It is, as much as anything else, an issue of: logic and recursively, indefinitely extensible adaptive systems, of embracing uncertainty and ambiguity, and of discarding the illusion of epistemological closure or completeness and ultimate psychological, ethical or ideological truth.

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