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Information Age: Influence and Deception, the Omnipresence of Conflict

A game of information, influence and seeded (or targeted) turbulence is unlikely to be winnable (or won) by reproducing and reinforcing the structural, organisational components that merely reproduce and self-validate the axioms, grammars and rules of that game. These games are won by rewriting the rules; by extending an existing grammar and logical framework in unexpected ways; and, by genuinely creative, intelligent responses to the diverse facts and problem-spaces with which a rapidly evolving information and communications technology topology and systemic metamorphosis presents us.

When the game is not in or with but of information and truth, the principle factors in play are the autonomously self-propagating patterns of complexity and entropy that we ourselves embody, inhabit, assert and represent. An actor that takes the initiative has a distinct probabilistic advantage but there is a subtle boundary between valuable activity or assertion and unsustainable overextension.

If you think that these games and these kinds of behaviours or engagements with our shared information space sound less like you and more like some intricate strategic plot from a Tom Clancy novel, you have utterly failed to understand the global ubiquity, the complexity and the omnipresent nature of information warfare. This is the defining characteristic of our age and every single one of us is deep within it, just by existing.

Every action, every thought, every gesture or inflection of personality or identity, subjectivity, aptitude and intelligence – it is all swept up in this conflict and truly ancient battle and game; like a long-raging fire, and merely expressed in new ways through the contemporary “fuel”, information and lives it consumes. The truth is: whatever boundaries there are, we can, do and must reinvent this game, the rules and assumptions or logical parameters of this effervescent data and information conflict on a daily basis and everything you do and think or feel is also embedded within this new war.

Fundamentally and foundationally, we are this new war, our lives are the information munitions and no matter what you read or hear and see – no one is in control. This is the game that plays itself – through us – and in this we should not necessarily be surprised if it’s methods or plausible goals are not obviously or intelligibly our own.

It’s your move…

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