Personality Tests: Political Metrics

Context: This kind of test resonates with precisely the kind of personality assessments that Cambridge Analytica so successfully exploited. I’m not asserting that any inadvertent conspiratorial undercurrent exists in this instance but there may be (other) rich philosophical seams of insight to be mined here. Notice that an observational, participatory metric and expression of […]

Alien Anthropology

We’re on the Road to Nowhere

The kind of puzzle indicated here are commonly associated with a genre of social media clickbait that often leads down a steep rabbit-hole of commercial datapoint acquisition. Cambridge Analytica’s artful gullbility-harvesting tests were a case in point and emphasise a significant correlation between (personal) online identity-construction and the production of an implicit informational value around […]


Data Exploitation: Technologies of the Self

The bundled aggregation and recorded sedimentation of information within, between and around individuals is not simply a symptom of an accelerating information and technological communications culture – it precisely and constitutively is that culture…