Viewed as a whole, unified system – there is no outside, everything is introspective self-inflection. What happens when the process of introspective self-inflection encounters itself as an object of study? You are engaged in this process right now – this is what sentience fundamentally and foundationally is.

There is a very special sense in which the ordered complexity our world resembles matryoshka nesting dolls. It is not purely of the overt ubiquity of fractal patterns of self-similarity in spatial or material structure and temporal sequence, although these symmetries are striking and quite deeply beautiful in their own mischievously inter-dimensional ways. The recursion is of recursion itself and each of these instances is only a symptom, as it were, a superficial representation of the deeper principle at work in (and as) matter and energy, information and entropy.

We do not witness (only) the recursive hyper-inflation of referential systems that taken as a whole or unified entity can only ever persist as active, adaptive patterns of complex introspection. The key symmetry and kernel of this unified system is as of the procedurally recursive application of methods (and heuristics) of optimally encoding the process and procedure of recursion itself.

Any system which abstracts itself as the optimally efficient encoding of its own sustainably continuous and autonomously self-propagating self-expression is quite fundamentally and foundationally indistinguishable from those other properties and qualities of adaptive metamorphosis we often enough identify in (and as) life itself. What does this mean, in plain language? This indicates that the Cosmos itself is alive and that the mysteriously conspicuous absence of closure, completeness, centralised structure or unified purpose and unambiguous certainty is itself the primary evidence of its component activity and structure.

The world we inhabit (and that equally inhabits us) is a discontinuity, the manifestation of a distributed patterning of hyper-inflating self-referential entropy that in the instance of biology manifests in ways we quite naturally and viscerally accept as being living and life. Our intimacy with this form of being invokes that we assert primacy, significance and ascendancy to it in ways which blinds us to the actual, distributed and profoundly mysterious self-propagating density-wave of recombinatory recursion that this Universe actually embodies. Everything is in some sense alive.

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