Alien Anthropology

Disentangling Bureauracy

It is fascinating to consider that an anachronistic hierarchy produces precisely the organisational inertia and systemic entropy that it itself is best oriented to negotiate (and through this to endlessly reproduce its own self-validating necessity). It is quite likely that the path of least effort and autonomously self-organising (i.e. low energy-state, minimal algorithmic complexity) systems symmetry and function is an emergent phenomena that entrepreneurial individuals and opportunistic consultancies merely extract value from.

Where economic, cultural and psychological systems have become aligned to the normative reproduction of the stress-infused inadequacies of a flailing Business As Usual approach to the technologies of organisation, how is it possible to level-up as level-up we must. It is an enigma and a tragedy of massively complex socioeconomic problem spaces like this that a probabilistic slide into (the entropy-laden stress of) these forms of compound inefficiency makes the experience of disentangling and solving these kinds of things unpalatable, unpleasant, inordinately complicated.

Given that autonomously self-propagating self-organisation is a spontaneous property and tendency of non-trivially sophisticated information and energy-processing systems, for better and for worse, I wonder if a core difficulty of this problem is that – not only do complex organisational systems (autonomously) encode themselves in ways which seek optimal continuity and environmental tenure, but they also do so in ways which actively protect or obfuscate their own operating system kernels from corruption or tampering. The psychological and socioeconomic imperative towards enlightened self-interest creates precisely the kind of blind-spot that disavows most of us from actively engaging with or disentangling the status quo.

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