Alien Anthropology

Populism, Authoritarianism and Cults of Personality

Spoiler: it’s all in your heads…

Context: The CCP’s Official Journal Falls in Line with Xi Jinping’s Cult of Personality

As a more general philosophical observation agnostic of specific contexts (including -isms or persons), human beings are subject to reflexive psychological imprinting of a sort that leads us to cultivate these fantasies and fictions of triumphant great leaders as an inadvertent and corollary of core psychic (as in cognition, not Twilight Zone) symmetries and psychological discontinuities.

In regards to the consequences of this – we can inspect the dishonour roll and litany of our own dissonant and dissociative shared and Global cultural, political and ideological histories.

From a complex systems science perspective, what is an interesting diffusion or engagement of these central points of power and personality is that in as much as we are all almost hypnotically entranced by enculturation to accept their normative presence in history as focal or nodal and pivotal points of inflection or difference – there is wiggle room for a non-trivial ontological inversion and intelligent disentanglement by way of narrative and symbolic interfaces, here.

The TL;DR: Central personalities are themselves produced by the median desires and insecurities of those who project value into and upon them.

Shelley’s “Ozymandias” comes to mind…

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