Fragile World

We unwittingly construct the monsters of our world – the narratives and resonant fields of culture and information (or energy) flows which create by inversion and psychological projection those things we fear and which threaten us, psychologically or materially…

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A Post-Truth Information Economy

At the heart of the cranks and gears which churn behind the pseudo-fact engines of collective post-truth confusion is a grand democratisation of self-expression (and self-promotion) which has itself been facilitated by the progressive ramping-up of the importance and influence of the internet and social media…

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There is more than one Truth

Truth is relative and contingent. In as much as we can ever stake claim on any notional Archimedean external point of rational certitude and observation, Facts are necessary and form the warp and weft upon which Truths may be woven. Political, ideological and falsifiable scientific Truths all possess histories which themselves derive from the Facts of our existence in the world…