We are our cities.

See how the cityscape as that material and procedural or functional inversion of human being (and becoming), at once or initially at least those tools and cognitive hyper-extensions of minds as language and culture, have swollen into a tide of mechanical complexity and logical grammars that only the most naive would ever assert might one […]


Stranger Traffic

Most of the people I ever encounter are hidden behind their windscreens – sitting behind steering wheels, dashing from lane to lane and engaging in that frustrating automotive ubiquity of second-guessing each other in case any of us loses focus for a moment and does something that proves to be catastrophically stupid. This is how […]


Disentangling the Enigmatic Adversities of Socioeconomic Recursion

The distributed information systems which we experience as social, cultural, economic and cognitive (or technologically-mediated) reality are implicitly weighted towards the self-replication and reproduction of existing patterns and biases.


Smart Cities ?

Cities which possess, or indeed – cultivate, an intrinsic and emergent self-organisational homeostasis are not as psychologically alluring to the common-or-garden-variety metropolitan administrator as is the fantasy and mythology of control implicit to digital technology…