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Homeless Fears

There are many kinds of fear. Some of them are straightforward, unproblematic and represent a simple correlation between a concept and the thing it represents. In this sense a fear of a specific animal is usually just that and regardless that arachnophobia, for instance, rarely represents something unconscious or indirect other than a linearly-related fear […]


Stranger Traffic

Most of the people I ever encounter are hidden behind their windscreens – sitting behind steering wheels, dashing from lane to lane and engaging in that frustrating automotive ubiquity of second-guessing each other in case any of us loses focus for a moment and does something that proves to be catastrophically stupid. This is how […]


Homelesness: a “Wicked Problem” of Complexity

Why does homelessness occur and why is it so difficult to find and apply lasting solutions? In a nutshell: Entropy. This is not a rhetorical affectation but as an authentic explanatory and causal explanation. Many socioeconomic problems are complex but within a relatively limited problem “dimensionality” – consider crowd control or public transport. They are […]

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The Goodness in the World is that which We Make

Justice or fairness is not implicit in the world; we have to continuously define, cultivate and maintain it ourselves.


An Ethical Vacuum

Nothing quite extinguishes any mythology of accomplishment and pride in the achievements and sophistication of human civilisation than seeing an utterly isolated homeless person sleeping on a ramshackle mattress and amid their few ignominiously-bagged worldly belongings while early morning commuters rush to work around them…