Toxic Air Pollution in India

In the world of diplomacy, India may be remembered for its last-minute push to downgrade coal language at this year’s climate talks. Scientific American, November 16, 2021 More children are in hospital with breathing problems as pollution levels remain dangerously high in New Delhi, doctors warned on Wednesday, and the government shut five power stations […]


Toxic Bottlenecks of Organisational Pathology

Organisational systems tend to autonomously acquire and reflexively cultivate those (generally adaptive) sets of abstractions, assumptions and boundaries which best-serve the continued persistence and self-propagation of those homeostatic, corporate organisational patterns themselves. An enduring abstraction of parochial self-importance indicates the point at which historically-justifiable self-belief fractures into precisely the kind of narrative (psychological) pathology that […]


Disentangling the Enigmatic Adversities of Socioeconomic Recursion

The distributed information systems which we experience as social, cultural, economic and cognitive (or technologically-mediated) reality are implicitly weighted towards the self-replication and reproduction of existing patterns and biases.