Managerial Surveillance

Context: Bosses putting a ‘digital leash’ on remote workers could be crossing a privacy line I wonder if it would be all that difficult to demonstrate that each extra technical and surveillance-oriented component in a system of management and governance is actually more of a burden and cost than is the uncertainty invoked by remote […]

systems technology

Cybersecurity’s Unacknowledged Truth

The whole cybersecurity enterprise seems to be built upon a suite of psychological and culturally-reflexive assumptions that assert that there exists even a possibility of logical or systemic closure. No such closure or completion is possible and this is rarely acknowledged.

Philosophy technology

Creativity and Artificial Intelligence: (some) Questions

There has been a lot of media buzz recently about the potentials and limitations of Artificial Intelligence in a general domain of creativity. I have been studying aspects of philosophy, psychology, physics, logic, computer science and art (i.e. creativity) for quite a long time now. A question of Artificial Intelligence as creative agent creates a […]