Cybernetics and the Fiction of Objectivity

Objectivity is a strange beast. The language and corollary cognition with which we engage complexity is itself the constitutive invocation of a necessarily partial model of the systems we seek to define, articulate and/or usefully shape. The definition of a “system” being quite clearly the manifest as epistemological reality of that artefact, entity or logical […]


Regulating Artificial Intelligence

Context: Annual index finds AI is ‘industrializing’ but needs better metrics and testing If an intractable problem in any such rapidly-evolving technological or regulatory frame of reference is that an accelerating pace of change at least partially invalidates models, axioms and assumptions before they have ever even been operationalised, then we find ourselves (yet again) staring […]


No One Knows China

Context: Nobody Knows Anything About China It is of the nature of a science or an art of existential introspection (not to mention institutional knowledge) to seek the least-incorrect and lowest-energy, succinct model of an Object or Entity. The curiously mischievous enigma of such a psychologically-reflexive aspiration towards ordered pattern as #truth or fact – […]

business Philosophy

Business Systems, “Best Practice” and Self-propagating Bureaucracy

Questions could (and should) be asked of the extent to which systems, architectures, models and programs can be (and are) produced for the primary self-interest of the organisations which provide those solutions. Bureaucracies and (all of) their diverse hierarchical predecessors, for instance, are classically-versed in the dark arts of creating systems and mechanisms that generate […]


Understanding Innovation

What is a significant innovation? What are the most algorithmically concise paths in any recombinatory possibility-space between significant innovations?