Living through Language

Do we live through words or do words live through us ?


The Challenge of Communicating Complex Concepts

The influence of popular communications and media is an effect measured by the relative simplicity of the associated communication method.


Pleasure or Happiness ?

While pleasure may predominantly be all about the possessions, people and experiences we collect and consume, happiness is probably much more about knowing when to let all of this go, of being unattached to things. Pleasure and happiness are not mutually exclusive but there exists a significant difference between them…

Philosophy physics

Goldilocks and the Two Anthropic Principles

The belief that our own existence in the Universe is in some sense probable or even inevitable is known as the Anthropic Principle. The Anthropic Principle comes in two flavours: weak and strong…

art memory narrative

Memory: Juxtaposition and Relativity

I can remember a print hung on a wall in my father’s house when I was a child. I puzzled and fretted and stared and wondered about this image and it’s impossible, unsettling reality. The print was of M.C. Escher’s 1953 lithograph “Relativity” and I was probably only 9 or 10 years old at the […]