Mysteries of Higher Geometry

The greatest mystery of mathematics is, to me, that all of these patterns and logical systems appear to almost (and autonomously) seek higher-dimensional self-representations. In category theory or combinatorics we can relatively simply determine and demonstrate the way a set of properties or relationships seeks something of an implicit, intrinsic and endemic higher-dimensional geometry. The […]

Alien Anthropology

Multidimensional Heuristics

Multidimensional heuristics are those forms of analysis that, rather than attempting a cumulative or brute force aggregation and hard interpretation of data, seek recursive logical insight through intuitive reconfiguration and subtractive recombination of existing patterns. It is true that our minds and acquired or entrained cognitive methods, as much as the procedural artefacts and coded […]


Evolving Organisational and Conceptual Systems

A fascinating feature of contemporary organisational systems, and at all scales of magnitude, is the various ways in which they subscribe to a simplistic mechanical and linear model of ontology and operation. It is as though, while everyone and everywhere is more than happy to commercially and politically exploit the Post-Newtonian and Post-Industrial Revolution technologies […]