Watering Floridi’s Roses

…and in trying, aspiring, in reaching out and making a purpose – or a difference – where there is (demonstrably) none we find ourselves reweaving a semantic tapestry from the bare mechanism and engineered fact of brute (-forced) realism. (Shannon excluded meaning from Information Theory because the complexity is exponential, not because it wasn’t there […]


Technological Abstraction and Semantic Chaos

Reductive abstractions in explanatory systems serve very well to ground those systems in self-validating (if demonstrably incomplete) logic, and possess considerable power and compelling reasons to believe them. Observe the thread of Turing‘s abstraction arrive in the (perhaps inevitable) artefacts, entities and exceptional utility of cloud computing – the simulated computing machines of various kinds: […]


Information, Theory and Complexity in Technological and Organisational Systems

There is no way of proving that you have obtained the most concise, accurate or irreducibly essential pattern or theory from which any sufficiently (i.e. non-trivially) complex pattern or sequence can be reproduced…