Symmetry of Nature: An African Fluid Dynamical Topography Map

Beautiful. Natural systems here approximating to optimal functions for energy dispersion (as fluid dynamics) relative to a topography and geography (as much as geology) that they then proceed to reflexively shape and mold. It is no coincidence that the pinnacle of technological sophistication converges on nature’s own approximations. In this case – note how the […]


Climate: Ocean Flows are Dramatically Changing

Context: The Speed of Ocean Currents Is Changing in a Major Way, Scientists Warn Increasing the median internal energy gradients in any such vastly distributed information and energy-processing (i.e. computational) system is bound to have consequences. Complexity and self-referential combinatorial structure of sufficient sophistication is likely to acquire new and perhaps relatively stable phases. If […]


Cultural Systems and Useful Entropy

Even apparently useless phenomena usually have an implicit purpose or reason to exist. It just requires a little lateral thought to untangle the complexity a little…