Thinking Slow, Thinking Fast, Thinking Beyond Binary Systems

This is an age-old competition between efficiency and resilience, aesthetics and utility. While efficiency and resilience are clearly placed here, aesthetics (as perception or experience) and utility (as effect-multiplication or intentional consequence) oscillate across arbitrary boundaries and definitions. There is an unacknowledged dimension to this binary model; that is, not so much that any reductive […]

Alien Anthropology

Science, Philosophy and Human Fallibility

A (perceived) ethical void in the bare-metal mechanisms of pure mathematical and statistical Reason generates that ideological and cultural reflex we see all around us as intransigent denial of demonstrable and provable facts.

culture heuristics

Meta-Heuristics: solving the problem of problem-solving

Working under a holistic, meta-theoretical framework of “what is the central similarity or notionally gravitational and logical pivot ?” of explanatory systems introduces multiple considerations of Epistemology and Ontology…


Finite Cross-sections of Infinite Systems

Finite cross-section of infinite systems; complex iterations in a conceptual vocabulary…