Nietzsche as Teacher

More important, I feel, than any particular aphorism or penetrating psychological and historical insight from Nietzsche is that he teaches us how to think. Much the same might be said of Bach; the patterns and complex symmetries of logical abstraction he defined and refined do not (only) instruct us in the use of any particular […]


Thinking Slow, Thinking Fast, Thinking Beyond Binary Systems

This is an age-old competition between efficiency and resilience, aesthetics and utility. While efficiency and resilience are clearly placed here, aesthetics (as perception or experience) and utility (as effect-multiplication or intentional consequence) oscillate across arbitrary boundaries and definitions. There is an unacknowledged dimension to this binary model; that is, not so much that any reductive […]

Alien Anthropology

The empty frames and abstract worlds of words and facts blind us…

Words are those windows and apertures upon the world that in naming and framing facts themselves become things, entities, artefacts in the endlessly oscillating hyper-inflation of logical and referential, representational space. It is as though the glass pane of abstraction through which we see becomes opaque with the carried meanings (and burdens) of its own […]


Can there be Conscious Machines?

A philosophical perspective: I accept that conscious machines are plausible, but I have trouble believing that the diverse algorithmic and networked approaches under development are anything beyond sophisticated, limited, mechanical or incomplete axiomatic models.  It provides reflexive psychological comfort to assert (and believe) that the hard problem of consciousness is explicable via a reductive algebra […]

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Devaluing Creative Intelligence

I have been seeking a sophistication and beauty of intelligence in life, in humanity and – by an inevitability of existential or logical extension – in myself which may just never have existed.  Can we ever truly make our own meanings, our own worlds and our own destinies or are we forever bound to be […]