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The Dream Police

Context: ‘This is not science fiction,’ say scientists pushing for ‘neuro-rights’ Dystopian authoritarian visions notwithstanding, there is a strong philosophical argument to be made that consciousness, sentience or intelligence only possesses the value (and, indeed, the substantive reality) it does because there are aspects of self and indeed of complex systems self-organisation that are not […]


Is it Secure to Store Private Mobile Device COVID Tracking Data with Foreign-Owned Corporations ?

Context: Like many other Governments around the world, the Australian Government is seeking to use mobile device tracking technology to assist suppressing the COVID-19 virus through contact tracing. The Australian Government has found itself as a valuable pawn in a corporate game of power and profiteering. The Australian people have found themselves and their data […]


Detecting Deception

In an era of machine learning and artificial intelligence, there may be nowhere that is not unveiled by the light of information and data measurement.

Alien Anthropology

Identity Theft

Identity theft is so rampant now that the oversupply of data makes it quite cheap to purchase.


On the Presence of Absence

Sometimes the most profound truths (or at the very least – facts) emerge not from what does exist, but from what does not.