Entangled Narratives

Entangled narratives, aren’t we all? A related reflection is as to why the autocatalytic theatre of dystopian pathology percolates to ascendance quite as often as it does…

Digital Philosophy

Metaverse: Virtual Unreality

The philosophical question remains: is the hyper-extended cognition of abstraction into virtual worlds a running towards or away from reality, from ourselves? Utopia, dystopia or simultaneously both? We should not be surprised that, just as with any journey or symbolic displacement of subjective identity and experience that, regardless of the embellishment or sophistication of the […]

Philosophy technology

The Dream Police

Context: ‘This is not science fiction,’ say scientists pushing for ‘neuro-rights’ Dystopian authoritarian visions notwithstanding, there is a strong philosophical argument to be made that consciousness, sentience or intelligence only possesses the value (and, indeed, the substantive reality) it does because there are aspects of self and indeed of complex systems self-organisation that are not […]

Alien Anthropology

Crown of Thorns: this gathering storm

This nauseating fear and gathering storm, the manifestation of an unacknowledged, unknown horror: our bodies were never impermeable, our minds – never infallible. The juggling, shuffling and dancing patterns of information and entropy from which we emerged – these were never some distant Otherness and isolated (or tamed) danger and threat of difference, of distance. […]


Cognitive Eugenics

A cognitive eugenics born of genetic testing (and selection) for intelligence is almost upon us. Except – intelligence is not only a matter of genetics. Environmental influences, opportunities, sociological feedback mechanisms, the creatively adaptive development of unique cognitive methods – these are all factors in human intelligence. Cognitive eugenics – let’s call it what it […]


Utopian Entropy

Utopian approximations towards self-organisation is emergent under sufficient circumstances and in well-tuned resonances.