Problems of Constitutional Democracy

Watching the information bonfire of the current US election processes is troubling, to say the least. Beyond external interference in the fidelity of democracy and the internal dissonance of a nation being in many ways torn apart by incessant adversarial posturing and partisan self-interest, there is in this situation an instance of some broader unresolved […]


Political Pragmatism: Unexpected Destinations, Creative Fabrications and Artful Dodgers

A strange property of systems of ideological or political thought is that they offer constitutively unclear or ambiguous paths between their declarative values and the end states they aspire to. Many Democracies (for instance) celebrate those generic Constitutional assertions constructed around the self-evident importance of free speech, freedom of assembly or various rights oriented towards […]

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On Leadership

Organisational cultures are not born fully-formed (or in any sense static or complete), they are best cultivated and nurtured. For better or for worse, our leaders reflect the ground from which they grow…

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Constitutional Inconsistency

If you know who Kurt Gödel was and understand what a Constitution represents in regards to the logical axioms (i.e. assumptions) made in the formulation of a rules-set (i.e. legal system) and their theorems (i.e. formal legal consequences) underpinning governance and political power, you already know where this is heading…