Information, Influence and Dissonance: the Utility of Fakes and Errors in System Self-Propagation

Information systems, viewed from a gestalt/holistic perspective, possess many properties we might otherwise recognise as self-propagation, "emergence" or self-organisation. The presence of values attributed semantic (or logical) properties of truth or falsity at a level of cognition or language may be purely incidental.From a Global Systems perspective, information systems autonomously pursue the optimal means of…

Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction is a growing phenomenon. It is a problem-space defined by the deep irony that the more connected we all become by the putatively "social" information and communication technologies, the more isolated we all feel ourselves to be. In this context, expectation is fundamentally, foundationally discontinuous with experience.

The Implicit Psychological Entropy of Social Media

Ideological turbulence, media distrust, fake news and the hyper-inflating bias towards successfully self-propagating inflammatory rhetoric in (or as) social media is one instance of a broader principle through which life and intelligence negotiate and harness or exploit entropy in information and energy processing systems.