Emptiness in Psychology, Subjectivity and Art

This, from the book above: (…)art functions, in essence, to “creat[e] the void and thereby introduce[e] the possibility of filling it.” Staging Nothing: The Figure of Das Ding in Poe’s “The Raven”, Sean J. Kelly, in Psychology in Edgar Allan Poe, Logos Verlag Berlin, 2019, p. 69 Replace “void” with “subjectivity” and you have a […]

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Manufacturing Loneliness

Psychological deficits and emotional asymmetry may the price (or at least – the cost) of social, economic and cultural continuity.

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Concept Creep and the Necessity of Organisational Ambiguity

PTSD and psychological trauma remain empirical facts to be disentangled and negotiated through tactful intervention but the hyper-medicalisation of that knowledge and administrative reach into an individual’s experience foundationally inflates the expected contours and probable expressions of those pathologies.