How Disinformation Works

The old Nietzschean idiom about the abyss staring back seems apt here – as we gaze into an abyss of political chaos, partisan insecurity, confusion and intractable information complexity. This is precisely what is being done in the US right now through externally (and internally) sourced disinformation. Notice that, agnostic of truth-value, distributed patterns of […]

Alien Anthropology

The Psychological Physics of Fakes

Fakes fly faster and further than facts for pretty much the same reasons that it is easier to break stuff than to make it: entropy. It’s not a long stretch of the intellect, imagination or of verifiable observational experience to perceive that, given a platform and a digital device, any wingnut with an axe to […]

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On Facts, Truth and Public Narratives

You could be mistaken for believing that the primary public narratives and political engagements of our era are dominated by simpletons and misanthropes…



Belief has always been quite easily uncoupled from reality…