Cultural Life is Unity through Difference

Cultural life is a beautiful thing. In many ways it represents the hidden bonding unity of a people or a place. Always be wary of anyone who attempts to crush or erase cultural difference – the living thread and flow of human history is because of any fear of difference or Otherness, it is what […]

Alien Anthropology

Planetary Civilisation: Balancing the Books of Sustainable Growth

Core questions of sustainable civilisation are surely not whether or not growth should occur, but rather – what form or shape that growth should take.  Growth characterised purely as material multiplicity and external, organisational or (associated) thermal or energy burden (also) entirely misses the mark of understanding and harnessing the logically self-inflected nature of innovation […]

art culture

Cultural Mnemonics

Jimi Hendrix is one of those icons and representational idioms that provide a counter-cultural mnemonic eloquence. His presence is resonant with Jim Morrison, a prismatic Dark Side of the Moon, posters of Henry Fonda on his Harley in Easy Rider. The cultural nodes of these idioms are undergoing constant representational metamorphosis and this artistic thread […]


Surrendering to Change

A Conservative fear of identity dissolution underlies a significant proportion of humanity’s political, social and interpersonal pathologies…