Where are all the intelligent machines?

Artificial Intelligence is moving forwards in leaps and bounds. In a relatively short period of time, we will find ourselves absolutely ensconced, enveloped and overwhelmed by the sheer ubiquitous omnipresence of AI systems and yet not a single one of them will possess a general intelligence in any sense comparable to human minds. The fascination […]


Chemical Intelligence

Context: Neural network based on autocatalytic reaction performs image classification It really is not much of a hop, skip and jump from all these emerging discoveries of proxy mechanisms for invoking rudimentary machine intelligence to suggest that we have quite profoundly placed the ontological cart before the horse here. Information-processing systems (of which all matter […]


The Implicit Psychological Entropy of Social Media

Ideological turbulence, media distrust, fake news and the hyper-inflating bias towards successfully self-propagating inflammatory rhetoric in (or as) social media is one instance of a broader principle through which life and intelligence negotiate and harness or exploit entropy in information and energy processing systems.