Paranoiac Identity

The essence of the paranoiac is in every act and thought to reproduce, invoke and justify the circumstances that generate their paranoia. To indicate a specific instance may be to miss the point. Being a generalised bias of identity, individuation and subjectivity – it is a global property that appears in and as culture, communication […]



All inner lives are effective introspection as self-inflected augmentation of perceived external eyes or minds and expectations. It is the value-judgement or criticality (and even, rarely, admiration) that billows and swirls as complex blossoms inside us. Those borrowed drops of liquid Other’s minds or seamless perception might like toxic ink pollute the crystal clear of […]

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The Constancy and Enduring Paranoia of Digital Security Updates

Cyber security is now just a part of everyday life. Update, update, update… all this requires is a sufficiently entertaining marketing campaign to elaborate and celebrate the fulfilment of a life spent in the gamified Panopticon of endless technical paranoia and system updates; sitcoms and lifestyle gurus explaining the invaluable personal experience of incessant technical […]


Social Media: Insouciance or Anxiety ?

…why farm people’s identities when they quite happily, enthusiastically, farm themselves for you…