Why do Philosophers Argue?

Because entropy. There are always and as a consequence of combinatorial necessity more disordered states available than ordered ones and as a consequence debate eventually travels through them into dissonance and disagreement but this, curiously, is also the source for more philosophy. It is a common (recursive) idiom and is endemic of and to logic, […]


Artificial Intelligence as Artist?

Art is nothing without controversy. You might even suggest that the adversarialism and dissonant entropy of disagreement regarding value or aesthetic merit is precisely the primary transmission medium for a hype and cultural salience by and through which art maintains sustainable continuity in the popular imagination and marketplace of cultural concepts. Is it art? Is […]


A Paradox of Online Political Engagement

The endless stoking of the fires of difference might do little over a longer term to benefit the ideological and political voices and positions of liberalism and humanism.