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Information: Mass & Self-Gravitation

Information storage is delayed communication. The capability to reliably record information creates a repository into which the simultaneously recursive and reflexive functions of language and communication can refer. Language is an incomplete logical system of self-reference…


Language: Semantics & Abbreviation

Communication is intellectual oxygen. The ability to send and receive messages and to fundamentally agree on the meaning of those messages is essential to participating in a shared world. Ambiguity in communication is catered for by mental flexibility…

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Communication: The Problem

The Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein identified some interesting problems of language. Language is a logical system through which we communicate. Language is also that through which we very often fail to understand what is being conveyed to us, that is – it is that through which we fail to communicate clearly…

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On Waves and Ideology

Some thoughts which come to my mind in response to the blog post “Waves and ideology” referenced above in creative resonance to the ideas expressed in Dr. Martina Feyzrakhmanova’s blog, Thinking Clearly…

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Apollo and Daphne

If art is worth anything at all, it is most certainly in its ability to be employed as metaphor and instruction through which to understand ourselves, our minds and any cultural environment in which we may find ourselves embedded…

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The Strangeness of Life

The strangeness of life is so close to us, so intimate that we can not see it nor recognise the novelty and peculiarity of human existence and consciousness for what it is. The strangeness and fragility of this all-too-human world is profound but we have become fundamentally, irreversibly, desensitised to it.

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On Collective Grief

Celebrity death appears to allow many people to contextualise death, to understand it in a shared way, in a way that grounds the meaning of our lives in this shared narrative of culture and collective experience. We take our cues on grief and norms of behaviour from the collective narrative of culture…

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There is more than one Truth

Truth is relative and contingent. In as much as we can ever stake claim on any notional Archimedean external point of rational certitude and observation, Facts are necessary and form the warp and weft upon which Truths may be woven. Political, ideological and falsifiable scientific Truths all possess histories which themselves derive from the Facts of our existence in the world…

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Christmas: Festive Stress

Disclaimer: Christmas can be a great time for spending time with family and friends and for just generally doing nothing (i.e. relaxing).  This post is a reflection on the stress of over-commercialised, hyper-competitive, shopping-intensive Christmas chaos. Another year of work is over.  Office Christmas parties have been had, the last rush of work has been […]

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Deconstructing Self in Zen

We internalise the projected structure and logical matrix of the world, of our understanding and when that narrative is no longer anchored in any concrete sense in the world, in perception or belief, we are ourselves cast adrift…

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“Truth” or Reality ?

Bruce Lee is interesting because, among other things, he saw the ways people bury the creative essence of a good idea in repetition and blind formality. To see things as they really are we perhaps need to see ourselves first, even if that means unravelling the tangles…

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The Value of a Complex Text

I was recently reading some of David Hume‘s opinions on the values of keeping philosophical explanations as brief and to the point as possible. He criticises overly convoluted and unnecessarily esoteric language as demonstrating poor mastery of the topic being communicated. Hume believes it possible to explain essential truths and philosophical revelations without resorting to […]