Information Entropy and Psychological Desensitisation in Culture and Art

When the recombinatory convergence of once-distant or disparate symbols no longer shocks us, it is probably not merely because the world (and it's inhabitants) have moved on and desensitised to the essential information entropy of difference.  It is because these once dissonant symbols share some deeper (and logical) bond. The cultural and psychological self-representation of…

Tattoos and the Masks Within

Tattoos are a clear indication that all symbols, all representation and all meaning is not merely (or literally) inscribed upon our bodies and in our symbolic narratives.  All meaning and symbolic representation warps our cultural space back onto itself; it is recursively twisted and bound back upon and through itself.  All representation seeks the continuing…

Art without Boundaries

Where does art stop and the person begin? Is the frame of the canvas the boundary? Is the wall, the room, the building the boundary? Is the audience the definitive edge and boundary condition between the artefact and the meaning or interpretation?

A Liquid Logic and System of History

My problem is, and pretty much always has been, just how to introduce, articulate and successfully communicate new concepts of representation and comprehension when the paradigm and assumptive frameworks of conventional wisdom fight tooth and nail against novelty or deep (i.e. axiomatic) conceptual, methodological and theoretical innovation ?