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Human beings copy each other, it provides a modest respite from implicit psychological insecurities. They copy each other copying each other because they are tribal creatures and for all this aspirational social or cultural identity construction – they are all so easily led, swept away by trends and peer pressure or commercial desperation. After a […]


Institutional Bullying as Behavioural Reflex

Questions could be asked of whether institutional contexts inadvertently invoke bullying, cognitive dissonance and tribal dominance behaviours. Like arguing on social media, people are unconsciously driven in this direction, psychologically and behaviourally “shaped” by their context.

Alien Anthropology Philosophy

Self-Propagating Miracles

It is the strangest thing that all of this exists.  The unlikely arrival in the Cosmos of any of this human world is profound.  Our world, our cultures and all of our myriad differences and similarities – it is a wonder and peculiarity in all of the vast immensity and silent, unknowing turbulence and mindless […]