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The Perversity of Global Economics

It occurs to me that the endemic iniquity of the global financial and economic system is not an outcome or a consequence of its function and activity.  The positively obscene yawning chasm between the rich and poor is an essential precondition and sustaining feature of global economic mechanisms.  Truly equitable wealth redistribution, social justice and […]

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Hate Speech: Caveat Emptor

Context: Hate on the Rise After Trump’s Election. It is no surprise, really, that hate crime has surged.  As a far-flung observer of these events it has always been apparent (because it has always been the case) that politicians who do not cautiously vet their own words and public statements can let loose all manner […]

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Post-Truth: Ignorance is Not Strength

We have now graduated past “my ignorance is as good as your knowledge” and have entered a “post-truth” world where any witless assertion whatsoever might be interpreted as defensible fact.  There can surely now be no turning back.  There can be  no “peak post-truth” or “post-post-truth”. We appear to be inextricably trapped in an infinite […]



It’s interesting to consider the collective, aggregated mass-density of all of our associated technological paraphernalia, our Technosphere. The aggregated totality of all our buildings, vehicles, dwellings, cities, the flotsam and jetsam of commerce and industry, our possessions and everything we throw away: it all has an estimated mass of 30 trillion tons. More information after […]


Miami Beach: Lost Souls and Sandy Shoals

A very Cuban or otherwise South-American domain. It was summertime in the long stretch of Art Deco and sand-covered concrete, between the secure private condominiums and the cheap or garishly upmarket neon-lit beachside hotels and restaurants which gradually fade in a Westerly direction to apartments and strange villas housing mysterious perversions, under the sluggish feet […]

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The Counselor: a Perfectly Flawed Diamond-Script.

This film confirms a long-standing suspicion of mine that a “Cormac” is in fact the metric by which bleakness and the narrative representation of evil is measured. Cormac McCarthy’s script sparkles with philosophical rumination and psychological observation while weaving a tragic path through the world of drug-smuggling and its associated terrors. The film is finely […]


Why Life Exists

The notion that life just naturally “falls out” of physics as a more or less inevitable consequence of the symmetries and physical parameters of nature is quite beautiful. It also implies a Universe absolutely overflowing with unimaginably many expressions of life and potentially exotic configurations of living matter. More information after the jump:


The Pentagon’s Dystopian Predictions

The Pentagon doesn’t see the future as being a particularly bright or happy place.  It’s not the most pleasant thing to consider what is likely to go wrong but as the expression goes: “forewarned is forearmed”. Find out more after the jump:


Digital Gluttony: from Kardashian to Kardashev

From postcard Kardashian to podcast Kardashev: a veritable smorgasbord of digital choice unfurls itself before us.  From the ridiculous to the sublime (and back again), so much noise, so much emptiness, so much colour and so many hues of bland grey.  Feeling somewhat adrift upon this ocean of information, we are lost for effective words […]


Ego Extinction in Zen

Sentience is clearly a magnificent experience, infinitely more to be preferred than the antagonistic conditions of unconsciousness or death, but for all its grandeur and richness it carries within itself a bitter seed: foreknowledge of personal death. The grave awareness of personal extinction is not even necessarily a purely human curse. We can do little […]

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Go with the Flow: the Illusion of Choice ?

I wonder sometimes if all this digital media and virtual space we share is really something other than what it seems. We perceive a rich tapestry of choice and self-expression, a veritable cornucopia of tittilation, education and ideological assertion. It may actually be much simpler at base, that we are all following simple rules in […]


The Perils of Paywalls

One of the most annoying things I have come across online is the tendency for some scientific and academic journals to percolate their content through paywalls. When this is done with journalistic news content, it is usually not difficult to find equivalent content freely available elsewhere. When this is done with academic reference or technical […]