Once in a Lifetime

This is not my life…


Through the Looking Glass

What if the world is essentially and fundamentally not what it appears to be ?



To live a life forever chasing the ineffable dragons of manufactured experience and superficial self-expression…


Existentialist Angst

To me – there is no meaning but that which we make. The burden of self-determination is not as soothing as faith must be and for this reason, in my agnostic isolation, I can not fully avoid a mild envy at the joys and certainties your faith provides you. Even if I do not share it (faith), I deeply respect it… Sisyphus’ burden is not that of the Believer…



There is no winning hand.  Existentially, we are all (and all end up) in the same place.  If you are confident to think that you have found a solution to our shared enigma, please don’t find yourself so insecure about it that you feel obligated to force it upon others.  Eschatological solutions are often poorly […]


Fragile World

We unwittingly construct the monsters of our world – the narratives and resonant fields of culture and information (or energy) flows which create by inversion and psychological projection those things we fear and which threaten us, psychologically or materially…

Philosophy spacetime

Rationalising the Temporal

Is the experience of time merely a biological curiosity or psychological artefact, a happy accident of life as an aggregate of structural coincidences at a particular nexus and scale of physics and chemistry ?


Why Life Exists

The notion that life just naturally “falls out” of physics as a more or less inevitable consequence of the symmetries and physical parameters of nature is quite beautiful. It also implies a Universe absolutely overflowing with unimaginably many expressions of life and potentially exotic configurations of living matter. More information after the jump:

Complexity culture technology

Go with the Flow: the Illusion of Choice ?

I wonder sometimes if all this digital media and virtual space we share is really something other than what it seems. We perceive a rich tapestry of choice and self-expression, a veritable cornucopia of tittilation, education and ideological assertion. It may actually be much simpler at base, that we are all following simple rules in […]

advertising culture

What is the Function of Commercial Culture ?

  Digital television was progressively rolled out over a period of several years. I find it ironic that although I now have several dozen channels to choose from I still remain fairly exclusively interested in the content of about four or five non-commercial channels. I find myself for the most part irritated, distracted and annoyed […]